A Word from our Intern, Michelle

We are thrilled to welcome our newest intern Michelle to our workshop in Mumbai. In a partnership with Leave UR Mark, Michelle is joining us for the next few months. Here she writes about her first days in India:

I arrived in India 2 weeks ago, greeted by an intense heat wave, cars driving in every direction on the crowded streets, and most notably, poverty and prosperity seamlessly intertwined, effortlessly co-existing side by side.

While India is vastly different from my home country, Canada, from the moment I landed I have felt nothing short of happiness. This is in large part due to the fact that I have achieved what so many strive for their entire life— waking up every day and actually looking forward to the work day I have ahead of myself.

Soap Process_22

Why is this? Never before have I worked for an NGO operating with such integrity and dedication in all that they do. For the past two weeks, I have been welcomed with open arms by all managing Sundara staff members, as well as the local women employees, whose generosity and companionship surpass any language barriers.

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Before working for Sundara I knew the hard facts—millions of children who lack access to soap and clean water to wash with die each year from contracting preventable diseases.

Spending time in India, this has become much more than just a statistic to me—at times it keeps me up at night, fills me with anger, sadness, and confusion.

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I find it difficult to comprehend that while some people are choosing between scented or unscented soap, others may not make it to their 10th birthday as a result of having no access to soap. And yet, I am grateful to be working for an organization that refuses to accept this reality, working relentlessly each day to provide hundreds of children with access to better hygiene practices.

The ‘good’ that Sundara does is more than beautiful— it is literally saving lives. I look forward to continue working alongside Sundara as they provide clean bars of soap, hygiene education, and access to a healthy, happy life for so many children and families here in India.

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Stay tuned for more updates from Michelle as she continues her internship with us!

Photo credit: Emily Rose Weinstein