Founder’s Story

Erin Zaikis was raised in Boston, to a dentist and a lawyer who embraced continuously giving back. Her dreams of being an astronomer were put on permanent hold after watching “Slumdog Millionaire” and realizing that she wanted to focus on problems a bit closer to home.

After graduating from the University of Michigan she found herself in rural Thailand, meeting children who had never used soap and didn’t know how¬†to wash their hands. She was horrified to realize this was the first time she had ever given serious thought to soap – and even more shocked when she learned that even today, hundreds of millions of people go without access to soap – the most basic medicine available.¬†Determined to put her experience to use, she founded Sundara, an organization that focuses on getting soap and hygiene education to communities who need it the most in a sustainable, community-led way.


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