It’s the best day of the year!

Do you know what day today is? It’s Giving Tuesday!

Sundara Myanmar Boy w Soap

We are feeling so grateful today because every donation you make will be matched 100% by our friends at the Good People Fund.

So there’s really never been a better day to donate. But don’t wait! This matching grant only lasts 24 hours.

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All of the funds raised today will be going toward our program in Myanmar, ensuring that 1,000 children in Bago, Bagan and Yangon get soap deliveries and hygiene education for all of 2016.


Why Myanmar?

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is the second poorest country in Asia, nestled between India and China and perhaps best known for the military junta that ruled since 1962. But things are looking up: just last month Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League of Democracy won the national parliament, giving Burmese hope for a democratic future. Still, half the population lives below the poverty line and the World Health Organization recently ranked its dismal public health infrastructure second to last in the world. By providing underserved areas in Myanmar with soap deliveries and public health education, Sundara is helping to bring about a small change in preventative health that will ultimately improve the lives of young Burmese who deserve a change for a healthier future.

Sundara S4H Myanmar Women with Sundara Banner

A note from our founder:

“On a personal note, Myanmar is a country that’s changed my life. In 2013 I met Burmese refugees who didn’t know what soap was – and these children were the catalyst to start Sundara. So it is with so much gratitude for the people of Myanmar that we are eager to expand our operations in this deserving, fascinating, yet little known country. If you’re ever coming to Myanmar, let us know and our directors, Htar Htar and Thuya will show you around. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing our soap recycling operation there and be pleased with the world-famous Burmese hospitality. Wishing you all a happy, healthy holiday season!”