Shikha reports back from Mumbai!

Namaste from India! What an inspiring journey to finally be able to visit the Sundara workshops in Mumbai (…and not having to wear a winter coat was pretty nice, too).

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I was definitely intrigued by Sundara’s mission working from our New York office. But, when I actually went to learn about the soap recycling process at the workshop in person and visit the schools where the soap bars are distributed in the surrounding villages, I was in awe. I was inspired by our team, Madhuri, Kanchan and Sushma, who collect, recycle and package the Sundara soap to produce hundreds of pounds of soap per week.

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My visit brought life to the stories I shared with people about Sundara’s work back home, and it renewed my dedication to its efforts to tackle easily preventable disease in children. In fact, we filmed a cover story about our work while I was there, and I’m so excited to share it with you here!

The camaraderie built amongst the three was wonderful to see. They shared why they love working with Sundara: their sense of fulfillment in their work — to contribute to their households and to see a child smile in excitement when receiving the soap bars — and their gratitude — for people who cared so much about their community to help Sundara’s work in India.

Here we are visiting the schools where the children learn about the importance of hand washing and receive their monthly soap bars to share with their families. How adorable, and not to mention, clean and healthy, are they?!

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I am so excited to visit the workshop again, and I am sure it will be even bigger and better by then since the team has been avidly scaling up partnerships with many more hotels in Mumbai.

Thank you so much to all of your generous support — I can proudly say that Sundara is truly impacting the communities we serve and we are ensuring that we are diligent and consistent to provide deliveries on time every month.

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