The rain won’t stop us!

Last Sunday, we packed our soap recycling equipment, solar chargers and soap into motorbikes, along with several volunteers from the hospitality industry, and rode to a village near Bago, Tharyaraye.

Sundara Myanmar - Road to Bago

An impoverished village, Tharyaraye isn’t accessible through paved roads, and remains isolated during Myanmar’s rainy season. That’s why, making soap accessible to towns like this is crucial to our mission. After an epic journey, which included motorbikes slipping in the mud through swamps, creeks and beautiful green sceneries, we arrived at the school, where teachers and students warmly welcomed us.

Sundara Bago Banner

We started off with a hygiene workshop, discussing the benefits of regular hand washing with the entire school. Later, we broke in smaller groups for hygiene skits and Q&A sessions. Finally, we showed the students how our team in Yangon recycles soap. Every kid participated and got a hands-on experience, and each of them left with a big smile in their face and a bar of soap in their hands.

Sundara Myanmar Children w Press Bago

All soap our Yangon team made that month was donated to Tharyaraye, and we will continue to support the village during the rest of the monsoon season. Also, our sincerest thanks go to the Sule Shangri La and Diversey/Sealed Air for their soap and machine donations, which made this program possible!

Sundara Myanmar - Children with Soap Blocks in Bago