Updates from Myanmar

Hello from Myanmar! Previously called Burma, this fascinating country of 53 million, doesn’t make the news often, but we are here to change that.
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Why Sundara is there: Bordered by China, India, Laos, Bangladesh and Thailand, and home to over 135 different ethnic groups, this country still suffers scars from a military dictatorship. It’s the second poorest country in Asia and has the second worst health care system in the entire world (WHO). There is so much room for progress and that’s why we are there to help!
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Sundara’s mission in Myanmar is to provide the most basic health care available – SOAP – to children there in need. We train and hire local Burmese how to collect and process hotel soap, distributing the new, sanitized version free of charge while teaching about the benefits of good hygiene.
Our Myanmar program distributes soap to almost 1,000 children across Yangon, Bago and Bagan. We reach detention centers, monastic schools and disability homes. We also distribute soap to orphanages – like Luke’s orphanage for children from Chin State.

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Before we ran this program, most children were washing their hands just during showers and they were using laundry detergent to do so because they couldn’t afford soap. With your support, we are able to give these children the dignity of clean hands and self empowering knowledge about hygiene so they may have a brighter, healthier future
Thank you for being a part of the solution!
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Want to impress your friends? Here are some fun facts about Myanmar:
  • Men and women wear thanaka as makeup – a yellow bark paste, applied to the face, which offers sun protection
  • When Burmese people want to get a waiter’s attention, they make kissing noises!
  • A Burmese child’s name won’t be chosen until 7 days after it is born
  • Burmese people are superstitious and will not cut their hair on Mondays, Fridays or their birthdays. They also won’t go to bed with wet hair!
  • Burmese people wear longyi – a wraparound skirt similar to a sarong
  • Myanmar is 1 of 3 countries in the world that doesn’t use the metric system (the other 2 are the US and Liberia)